Short Biography

Juan-Carlos Agüero was born in Osorno, Chile. He obtained the professional title of Ingeniero Civil Electrónico and a Master of Engineering degree from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM, Chile) in 2000, and a PhD from The University of Newcastle (Australia) in 2006. He gained industrial experience from 1997 to 1998 in the copper mining industry at El Teniente, Codelco (Chile). He was working as a Research Academic at The University of Newcastle (Australia) until 2014 and as a conjoint academic from 2015 to 2017. He is currently working as an academic at the Department of Electronics at UTFSM. His research interests are in System Identification, Control, and Statistical Signal Processing.

Dr. Juan C. Aguero
Departamento de Electrónica
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Avenida España 1680, Valparaíso, Chile

Ph:   +56 32 2654202